A History of The Family
A compilation
Harley Cassan
This book was created after  several years of researching and compiling Cassan Family information

The history of this family begins about 1600 in Montagnac and Montpellier, France.

In 1688, Stephen Etienne Cassan left France and went to England.
Here he joined a British Regiment and went to Ireland with the army of William of Orange.
After the war in Ireland, Stephen Cassan was granted lands.
In Ireland he married Elizabeth Sheffield who brought her Hereditary Lineage to the Kings of England,
Ireland, Scotland and France to the marriage
Thus begins the History of the Cassan Family

Although some information about our family in France exists
The main focus of my research shows the Descendants
Stephen Etienne Cassan and Elizabeth Sheffield
The book is an ongoing project with an open file that allows me to add information at any time
When time allows much more information is still available to add

I must admit that only 7 copies of the book exist
5 hardcover and 2 spiral bound copies
Also I have no intention to print more
The cost of each book was $300.00
and so until a cheaper way of publishing can be found
No other copies will be printed

But I will now make a PDF version of the book available
This PDF is offered at $40.00 each

Stephen Hyde Cassan
1789 - 1841
Stephen Hyde Cassan did an enormous amount of
research into our history. Without his research and
documentation through the early 1800's we would not
know half of what we know today. He ensured we had
the Cassan Pedigree, the Cassan Coat of Arms and an
endless about of material published about the
descendants of Stephen Cassan and Elizabeth Sheffield
Harley Cassan