Cassan Family Tree
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Harley Cassan ---
Sheffield House in Ireland
This was built by Matthew Sheffield Cassan
the son of Stephen Cassan and Elizabeth Sheffield.   
I believe the house was completed in 1747.

The original property was possibly granted to Stephen
Cassan for his participation in the War between
William of Orange and James the Second. Stephen
Cassan was a Huguenot (French Protestant) who left
France for England , where he joined a British
Regiment. About 1688 he went to Ireland with the
Army of William of Orange. Stephen was a Captain
and a Surgeon in this Regiment.

It is also possible the land was inherited by Elizabeth
Sheffield.The Sheffield Family had many properties
both in England and Ireland

The property surrounding Sheffield House consisted
of 8000 acres and included a 100 acre garden.
In the early 1900's - 7000 acres were sold by the
Government ( I think) to the land tenants.

About 1934 Flora Cassan the last resident of Sheffield
House died. The House and property was  lost to
back taxes and destroyed. Flora Cassan was the Aunt
of John Sheffield , the actor who played BOY in the
Tarzan movies alongside Johnny Weissmuller. John's
full name is.....                   
John Matthew Sheffield Cassan.