All the villages of Tramonti were once linked by mountain trail and now most are linked by roadways.
Many of the villages not linked by road now lay abandoned and often in ruin in the forest.The roads
are taking the younger people away from these other villages and much of the year these villages seem
abandoned. But like flowers in Springtime each village comes to life. We hope that the roadways do not
take the young people away never to return. The purpose of the Genealogy Society of Chievolis is to keep
the villages alive and vibrant.If only by documenting the histories and stories of the villages and their
The Thread of Memory…………….
If our collective memories are threads, then those threads can be woven into a tapestry.
The stories of each generation form the patterns and our memories imbue the fabric with vibrant
hues and texture.
The threads represent our history. Each of us holds threads in the form of testimonies, photographs
and documents.
The threads are fragile. They can be broken. A portion of the pattern may be unfinished where
information is missing from the weave. Where continuity is lost, the pattern fades.
We all contribute to the collective memory. We each hold a piece of thread integral to the whole. We
join our thread with those of others to complete the patterns.
Our tapestry grows and is more compelling as each of us add testimonies, photographs and
documents. The patterns become more intricate. The colours of the threads are deeper and brighter.
The tapestry becomes rich in complexity and detail
People of the Dust
Novella Cantarutti

After a name disappears and the picture fades,
And the graves of those who left us settles into the earth
The small traces of their existence seems to be lost
Yet something of them seems to grow in the grass and this something dyes the roses

           In the evening when the sun sets within the walls of the
and                                                            the waters of the Cintulina river are silenced no longer able to tell
the tales of those who have gone before us
There remains a purple dust In which is found all the people who once were
These stories of the people are overshadowed but still in accordance with the leaves
As a light movement leaves the branches of the apple tree trembling
Socjetàt Genealogiche de Cjèvoles
Val de Tramònç
Chievolis nella Val Tramontina
in Friuli, in Italia
Harley Cassan