A Journey across the Townships of
Northumberland County, Ontario , Canada
The Home of our  Ancestors
How often it is still true - that what we need is not fresh
evidence, but fuller understanding of what we have already

J.H.B. Masterman
From the Keys to Avalon
The true story of Arthur's kingdom revealed
The story of the old Percy road is a good one. It
describes how a present day road was once more than it
appears. It is also good to read this and envision how
Families change from Year to Year - Decade to Decade.

The story of the Percy road takes us through
Northumberland County - Brighton  Township .
Northumberland County is where  both Matthew
Sheffield Cassan and John Arthur Cassan's Families
settled in the 1830's  

As we read the story  the road takes us past one of our
Ancestors properties -- E. Cassan's Field. This E. Cassan
listed within the story is said to be Ernest Edward , son of
Edward Sheffield Cassan and Ann Smith and also the
Grandson of Capt.Matthew Sheffield Cassan.

As you can see families are as complex as  a road that
changes with technology and time. Since the time of
Stephen Cassan in Ireland his children and their
children named their children after others within the
Family and in so doing this keeping a part of their past

Dan Buchanan is the Author of the "Old Percy Road"   
and has done extensive research into the People and
Places of Northumberland County
Northumberland County - Seymour and Brighton Townships are in Ontario , Canada
The Old Percy Road